Junior Flag Football

In 2011, Tullamore Phoenix established its first junior flag football team. Coached by Kevin ‘Tempo’ Tempany under the supervision of Head Coach John Judge, the Tullamore Phoenix flag football team is aimed exclusively at under-18s.

Phoenix player Damian Gillessen (95) playing flag football. Photo: Ariane Boudias

The basic rules of flag football are similar to full contact American football but, instead of tackling players to the ground, the defensive team must remove a flag from the belt of the opposition player in possession of the football. The other major difference is that, in the version played by Tullamore Phoenix, blocking is not allowed.

The main benefit of flag football is that it teaches players important footballing lessons from defensive positioning to offensive play-calling while minimising the risk of injury to young players.

All our youth coaches are fully qualified and have completed the Irish Sport Council’s ‘Child Protection in Sport’ awareness workshop.

Junior flag football training takes place every Sunday at Tullamore Rugby Club between 1000 -11.30 am.


2 Responses to Junior Flag Football

  1. brian says:

    hi is junior flag football still open for new players.

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