Players & Staff

Head Coach & Defensive Coach
John Judge

Team Manager & Offensive Coach
Steven O’Rourke

Colette Boland

Team Photographer
Alison Byrne

Defensive Captain
Rory O’Keeffe

Defensive Vice Captain
Padraic Merlehan

Offensive Captain
Erin Kelly

Offensive Vice Captain
Kevin Tempany

Senior Squad 2012
94 Ian Sweeney
91 Padraic Merlehan
90 James Lynam
84 Jordan Reid
82 Darren Byrne
81 Brendan O’Toole
80 Brian Kirwan
78 Aaron Dunne
75 Finbarr Glynn
70 Kyle McCallan
69 Kevin Tempany
65 Chris O’Connor
62 John Arthur Doorley
60 Wayne Byrne
55 Patrick Lowbridge
54 Cian Minnock
52 Mick Humphery
51 Mark Brolly
50 Darragh Halewood
36 Adam Hamilton
32 Joseph Walsh
24 Nicholas Kearney
22 Peter Smyth
21 Rory O’Keeffe
20 Darragh Kelly
18 Shane Carberry
17 Aaron Fennally
15 Erin Kelly
13 Daire O’Beirne
12 David Maloney
11 Richard Mathers
07 Philip Cox
06 Darrin Ennis
05 Steve McElligott
04 Adam Powell
02 Gary Donnelly

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5 Responses to Players & Staff

  1. Dáire O'Beirne says:

    I am liking the website man. Fairly sophisticated and intelligent stuff goiog on. Dunno if that’ll suit the likes of kelly now but i’m enjoying it.

  2. Biff says:

    realy good work on the website lads, im realy digging the stuff on it.

  3. Dáire O'Beirne says:

    Gonna need to put 13/7 down as my number, whos gonna know who i am

  4. dairerugby says:

    Any chance you could throw all the rookies so i can have a look before i get home? will need to try familiarise myself with names faces and numbers 😉

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